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What differences among Toner>Moisturizer>Cream>Serum ?

How to decide your skin care steps ?

Toner : Providing moisture which deep enough to penetrate your skin and improving the basic need of water.


Moisturizer: Keep the moisture long enough on superficial layer to mantain your skin watery condition.


Cream/ Serum :Stabilize your skin superficial condition to strenghten them by preventing  moisture lost too quickly.

What are the steps for skin care? 

Toner > Moisturizer>Cream

if you are outdoor later, sunblock lotion on the final step.

When shall 18% Mandelic Acid be used ? 

It belongs to metabolic purpose skin care ,not for compulsory.

Neutral (Normal skin type)

Toner >Moisturizer>Cream>Adjusting Serum

Dry skin type

Toner>Moisturizer>Cream>Adjusting Serum (18% Mandelic Acid may be used every 2-3 days or prolonged the interval)

Oily skin type

Toner>Adjusting Serum>Moisturizer>Cream

Acne skin type

Toner>Adjusting Serum + Copper peptide mask>Moisturizer>Cream

OBHL products are mostly suitable for sensitive skin condition ,if you wish to have a wise and effective skin care after using the product  some time,OBHL is your choice.