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Skincare lecture (1) : Skin restore by copper peptide GHK-Cu

UV ray , overtime working , stress and unhealthy diet habit may bring our skin to ageing and more sensitive to environment.

Hence anti-aging is a trend for new skincare lifestyle

Basic skincare is the foundation to a better outcome of anti-aging.


In the 70's, outstanding biochemistry specialist from the US realized that ,GHK-Cu (Copper Peptide) could help restoring skin ,especially those sensitive type of skin problem by :

  •  prolong the ageing of skin ,thightening the skin texture .
  •  solving skin wrinkles and dryness .
  •  upgrading  skin ability in restoring and rejuvenating cycle.


Hence, 「Copper Peptide」has become the main ingredient in high-class skincare products due to its ability and role in preventing ageing complication ,such as wrinkles and skin sensitivity.

OBHL aim for restoration and anti-aging,「Copper Peptide」has become our priority in producing our series, the excellent wise combination of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients,we divided the combination into the following series which help everyone follow the easiest and fastest steps,that may bring the best  outcome and satisfaction.

Including :《Toner Intensive Copper DNA》、《Serum of Copper Peptide》、《Cream of Copper Peptide》、《Mask of Copper Peptide for moisturizing and rejuvenation》.


For a real minimalist , you need the exactly ratio for your daily skincare.