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Skincare lecture (2) -Squalane -the key in moisturizer


Squalane helps your skin from being dryness,sensitive to dry environment and lack of water.

 Squalane plays a role as :

✦ Stable quality:it stabilizes the moisturizer。

✦ Nourishes skin layer:by keeping the moisturizer to stay longer on skin keratin layer for protection

✦ Metabolism and restoration:after a while, it can be absorbed totally by our skin layer ,hence its ability to strengthen the skin flexibility can be seen after using a while.Which it helps to replace the weaknessness of sebaceous gland for ejecting squalene ,especially those ageing skin.

✦ Calming skin stress:it helps calming the stress on skin, especially those ageing skin, calm and balance may help strengthen the skin during ageing time.

《 OBHL Daily Skincare 》

If you use Squalane Cleansing skincare together with Squalane series moisturizer or cream, you will definitely feel how nourishing you may have on your skin.

If you wish to have a stable skin texture ,avoiding them from dryness and ageing,you may choose our following series as your skin nutrients:


《Squalane Cleansing Gel 》 、

《Mask of Copper Peptide for moisturizing and rejuvenation》 、《Serum of Copper Peptide》

 《Cream of Copper Peptide for skin tightening and wrinkle prevention》