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How to use 18% Mandelic Acid wisely ?

18% Mandelic Acid 

If you are a dry skin type , or if you are oily skin type, is there any differences during using our《18%Mandelic Acid》?

Firstly , basic skincare steps for every skin type is :

Toner--> Moisturizer Cream -->Cream for prevention-->Serum or oil . 18%Mandelic Acid belongs to skin oil essence series. However, it can also help control oily skin for becoming acne skin, how can it be done to make the outcome seen ?


﹝First time using ﹞

If you are not sure what skin type your may be , 18%Mandelic Acid can be tried 1-2 drops after 《Toner》used 。


﹝Acne Skin Type﹞

After toner used, apply  18%Mandelic Acid (1-2 drops depends),may add Mask of Copper DNA 》 after the above steps .


﹝Dry skin﹞

Dry skin ,air conditioner working place or dry environment, 18% Mandelic Acid is optionally for treating skin uneven color (Dyschromia), hence suggested 1-3 drops depends on own needs be used after applied《 Cream of Copper Peptide for skin tightening and wrinkle prevention》.If desquamation occurs,  stop using it for a week at least ,later, shift using it into once a week or  once for few days intervally.


﹝Summer oily skin control﹞

Used after 《Serum of Copper Peptide》or《Moisturizer Cream 6% Shea Butter》.Or you may use right after Toner done if no desquamation seen.


PH4.4 with skin easily absorbed, 18% Mandelic Acid is a trend to have a healthy look on skin color and oily skin control for acne skin type. 

* Please apply this product behind the ears, hands or neck for testing.Observe for at least 10 minutes with no discomfort reaction, then start using this product for your skincare.

* If there is discomfort or any hypersensitive reaction, please stop using it immediately and consult a physician.

* If you accidentally touch the eyes with the product, wash them with plenty of water.

* No alcohol, fragrance, colorants, Paraben preservatives.

* If some desquamation noted or some deeper acne coming out, it is normal. Do more moisturize by using toner. 

* Do not use other peeling or facial scrub at the same time 

* SPF25 ★★★ of sun block may be used when going out.

* Do not exposed under the sun for too long .


  1. Dry skin:1-2 drops after cream.
  2. Neutral skin:after toner ,before cream.
  3. Oily skin:after toner,before cream.
  4. Acne skintype:After toner ,and add mask for additional depends on own comfortable.p/s:If acne skin is  suspected to be caused by bacteria infection, highly suggest to consult doctor for treating the infection first. 
  5. Dyschromia:May be used on hand ,knee or join for uneven skin color skin care.