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 Video  / Three Tips for Travelling Skincare

1. No destruction-Squalane


Gentle cleansing formula, ECOCERT certified surfactants, delicate sense of foam, gently relieves our exhausted skin after a long day of tiredness.


Massage the cleansing gel on skin by dry hands for seconds, add a small amount of water, gently rub ,until meticulous foam is seen, gently clean your skin with the foam, and wash them away, moisture content will be upgraded by then.


How To Use

step1 Remove makeup or  sunscreen-
Take the appropriate amount of the gel, wipe the make-up site, gently massage your skin, our special formula can absorb the make-up and dirt, then wash them away by using cleansing cotton or water.
step 2 Washing face-
Day and night , apply proper amount of the gel and massage it on your face. Take a small amount of water (about 3 to 5 drops). Rub the bubbles ,gently massage it on your face again for minutes,and wash them away by water.



2.Protect the moisture-

Shea Butter /

Ceramide /


Fully rich of 6% shea butter which is rare and precious, it has excellent outcome on skin rejuvenation and revilatizes your fatigue skin.
Besides this, additional of PENTAVITIN® and SK-influx Ceramide, theoretically and practically improved the absorption of the ingredients into skin deeper layers.

No matter you are staying in dry land or what seasons you are having now, this function keeps your skin exactly moisturized and feeling refreshed all the time. It is most suitable to those who love simple ways of skincare process.


Ceramide in our mask may calm down your skin and stabilize the moisturize balancing.


 3.Handle the system-

Copper Peptide /

Mandelic Acid

A drop is enough, exactly the best for skin.

A luxurious and essential drop of 18% Mandelic Acid Serum, Extracted from 7 herbs in the Alps. Mandelic Acid of 18% is directly imported from the Merck pharmaceutical industry, German.
In addition, Black Currant and Horse chestnut extractions are all ingredients which concentrated into OBHL 18% Mandelic Acid. 


Copper Peptide in our mask and toner may  stabilize the moisturize balancing and refresh your day by rejuvenating the outer layer part of your skin.

How To Use 18% Mandelic Acid Serum

1.Every week, 2-3 times depends on your comfortable feeling. Use day and night or only night time. After toner or cream, use them on face and neck. Keep away from eyes and its surrounding area. A bit itchy sensation might be felt for seconds. If prolonged, may add some toner or cream to compensate it.

2.Back, knee and arm may be used too. For some brightening effect.