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A brand that spent for about 20 years and born today.

“May your days be full of happiness “

– CEO dr.Gordon

Skin bother

Sebum film and my skin superficial layers were seriously damaged due to inadequate skin care, acne happened on and off. During my fourth year in university, I was diagnosed asAtypical Fulminant Seborrheic Dermatitisby my senior, who was a dermatologist . Due to this experience, I was able to attend the skin laboratory ,to research every kind of acne problems and its treatment.

During my internship course at Taipei Veteran General Hospital in Plastic Surgery Department, I started to learn about laser therapy which could treat pores and scars on our face.

It was still very early years in cosmetic medicine field where machines were not as advanced as what we have nowadays. But that inspired me a lot.

Skin transformation, my vision in career determined

Later, my skin became stable, my resident and chief resident training began as a Gynecologist.

My mother passed away accidentally when I was in university which I highly suspected there might be due to premenopause drugs related.

Hence I chose the related faculty and learnt that ,knowing the ingredients of drugs and products was really important and should not be ignored.

Due to the close relationship between beauty and senses in this faculty, I actively joined the Aesthetic Medicine Association to learn about beauty from inner to outer of our physical. 

Solved bothering skin problems of my patients

After having my own Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, I realized that most of my patients were having the same problems as what I had faced before, the recurrent skin acne problem and unstable skin condition could not be totally subsided if only by laser therapy.


Hence I started to analyze skin care products in market, thinking of the notion that If my patient could have a safe skincare series which may help their skin improvement lasted longer after the laser therapy , it would be a solution for the basic skin problem .

Gynecology deseases vs Daily cleaning products

When I further my research and contacted the lab and factories which produce skin products in Taiwan, I started my research on the ingredients they used .

Frankly speaking, I was truly agazed when I realized that there were ingredients which may cause cancer to the beings ,and still they were added in the products we used everyday, including facial cleanser, dish cleanser etc in our market.

This controversial contents might even brought catastrophe to our earth!

When the fact was revealed, some changes need to be done ,and that should be our obligation!

Invention begins 100K undust lab 

OBHLAll Beautiful Home Lifewas then established, our aim is to change the dangerous contents in every single product and bring back the true happiness to our health.

Cost is not our first concern, health is .Hence our products are  approved from SGS and GMP certification. Stabilization testing is what we must do for our products .Origin of the contents are what we cared for.

Amazing outcome

When I started provided OBHL to our patients, ”very impressive!” “amazing !” were what we usually accepted from their feed back.

Every product we produced ,we guaranteed safealcohol freecolour freeartificial fragrance freenone SLS or SLEsthe most beneficial outcome goes to our dear customers.

After seeing my customers or patients smile at me ,a guy about 40s like me ,it reminds me the time I was 18s ,the ages where I desperately searched for the best solutions to my skin problems,and I told myself thatI am doing exactly a good thing for human kind, I should keep it on

OBHLis not about cosmetic

OBHL is a brand that accompany the beings to a happier future」,it was born under the experiences of the accumulation of skin problems to searching of a healthier way to restore the creation of this system ,which had taken for more than 20 years to its solutions.

Exactly,is the Best』,is my conclusion for OBHL which is aimed to reach the:『Sum of Happinessto our life

Written by Dr.Gordon

CEO of OBHL biotechnology company.