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Skincare Lecture (3) -Shea Butter - Secret ingredient for natural skincare

Shea Butter

If you wish to have a skincare that makes you feel less sticky but more cooling effect, here it is .We added 6% of Shea Butter in our Moisturizer Cream which can protect your skin from dryness and dilute the UV expose in summer time while using our shea butter content's series, you will feel cool and comfortable at the same time as well. 


What is 「Shea Butter」?

Extracted from shea nut in Africa,the purely oil can be additional help in protecting the moisture on skin, which normally can be found in high class lipstick or conditioner product.


African women use「Shea Butter Oil」to protect their skin from season check or dryness , due to the natural ingredient of shea butter oil which can protect the women from UV ray exposure, hence wrinkle prevention can be seen after using a while too.

(picture from Africa-trade organization)


Due to global warming, you need to choose a skin product that can help you not only mositurize your skin dryness ,but also protect you from UV ray and heatness.

So called- cream for summer

《 Moisturizer Cream 6% Shea Butter》

has the combination of cooling effect ,nourishing ,easily absorb. The 6%「Shea Butter」mutiplies the protection of skin from UV ray exposure.

No matter you are in muggy environment or dry hot season, or in an office with aircondition of all day long which makes your skin dry  ,try OBHL shea butter series, you will find out ,your steps in daily skin care  have become much more easier than ever.