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Tips of using Mask of Copper Peptide for Moisturizing and Rejuvenation.

Many people love our 《mask of copper peptide for moisturizing and rejuvenation》,why is it so popular ?


the answere reveals:

This is a high quality mask which helps restore our skin in exact ratio of every drop of essence in it. And all gender are suitable for its result.

No matter what sex gender you are, what type of skin texture you have,sensitive skin included,are all suitable for this mask ,by restoration and nourishment it gives, your skin will fell replenished again.



Steps of using it:

  1. take away the white bubble paper first.
  2. place the  transparent middle part of the mask on your face.
  3. then remove the blue part of the mask.
  4. adjust the transparent part of the mask on your face .
  5. relax and wait for 15-20mins and remove it .
  6. massage gently to let the essence absorbed thoroughly into your skin without washing them away.

The mask is made of  Viscose, better flexibility and gentle to skin, it helps the essence to spread thoroughly on the whole mask and easily absorb to your skin.


Copper peptide and Ceramide in our mask  help your skin restore to its brightness and repair from  UV exposure .